Accommodates 2
Bedrooms 1
Bathrooms 1
extra guests 0
air conditioning no
wireless internet on premises
free parking at house yes
Check in 2:00 PM
Check out 10:00 AM

Facility information

Facility is located in Central Dalmatia Region, Omiš Riviera, mainland shore, in small town Maruši?i. Marusici is a peaceful place between two popular tourist destinations: Omis – the pirate city and Brela - the pearl of the Adriatic. The facility is situated by the beach, in the quiet and peaceful surroundings in a hundred year old pinewood where you will enjoy the scent of the sea and the shade of pinewood. There is NO road between the facility and the beach. There is no main/high traffic road near the facility. Car access to the facility is enabled and free parking place is at the house! The House contains accommodation units of type Apartment (max 22 persons). As the house is divided into several apartments, other guests will most likely be present during your stay. Your hosts will be present in the house during your holiday. Communication with hosts in English and German.

Apartment at Adriatic beach

Studio: one master room, lounge and wc/shower. Breathtaking 180° view from the house and all apartments on the Adriatic, SAT –TV and wi-fi Internet access.


• Adriatic sea and the beach: 40m, 70m staircase and path through pine wood lead to the beach;
• supermarket and restaurant: within walking distance;
• post office: 2km;
• to the nearest city centers: Brela 11km; Omiš 15 km, Makarska 23km; Split 39km;
• pharmacy, tourist info emergency room, discotheque, ATM, exchange office: 14 km in town Omiš;
• The nearest fish market is in town Omiš 14 km away from our house. But it happens very often during the season period that local fisherman offer fresh fish direct in Marušici i.e. they come in to the house.


The House has a direct private access to the beach. There are only 40m airline from the apartments to the pebble/stone beach, that lead you through the natural shade and shadow of the pinewood. On the beach there are covered balcony, barbecue and shower at disposal to our guests. The beach is pebbly/stone and is children friendly (shallow water)!


Marušici is definitely the most beautiful place of Omis Riviera, an ancient village that has become tourist settlement. Ancient olive plantation and vineyards, astonishing beaches and bays, traditional architecture and the vicinity if Omis and Makarska are the main reasons why you should visit Marusici.

Marusici is a nice, quiet place 15 km south of the town of Omis and 39 km south of Split, situated under Omiska Dinara mountain. There are sandy and pebble beaches with shallow waters. Marusici is ideal for a quiet holiday in a beautiful landscape: vicinity of Cetina River?s canyon, Biokovo Mountain, fertile fields in the interior suitable for growing fruit, vegetables and grapes, as well as magnificent pebble beaches are just some of the reasons why Marusici is so popular with tourists.

Marusici is a perfect place to spend holiday for those who would like to rest after a rush and stressful everyday life in sleepy Dalmatian atmosphere. Here on the cozy stony beaches, below stones and pine woods, where the scent of the sea is mixed with flavors of pine trees and numerous aromatic herbs, hearing sounds of cicadas and music of sea waves - you will rest wherever you have come from.

Due to the vicinity of the towns of Omis and Makarska, the visitors may enjoy numerous active holidays options such as rafting, free climbing, windsurfing or enjoy an party in the disco bars and night clubs of the surrounding Rivieras.

The towns of Trogir and Split are only 30 km away from each other and both UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nowhere else on Earth can you find two World Heritage cities so close together.

Should you require any other information regarding the apartment or your stay in Marušici, I´ll bee glad to answer. Enjoy the sun, the beaches, the sea and iodine, drink a lot of water and enjoy your family´s summer holiday – the best stress release method. Benefits to your health; body and soul are priceless.


Summer song you are going to listen during your holiday is produced by insect cicada/ cvrcak. Did you know that only adult male cvrcak sings, and only a male can produce a typical and unique summer song whose aim is to attract females? If the temperature falls below 25 °C, he has not enough power for singing. Crvrcak´s life remind somehow of the football championship: four years to prepare and train to be brilliant just one summer. Once the late spring sunshine catches him, he has only three months to do three things: sing a deafening live concert, love and die!


DALMATIA – Heart of the Mediterranean

Although the “official” (for want of a better word) natural sites of Dalmatia are located in its northern area, it is in its central part, around the City of Split, where the true heart lies. This, the largest Dalmatian tourist region, encompasses what is also the country’s largest county, the County of Split-Dalmatia. The main Dalmatian islands are situated in its waters, as are several rivieras with lovely beaches, the imposing rugged mountains which rise practically right from the shores, while the broad hinterland contains a wide range of very precious natural heritage sites. And if, as many claim, Dalmatia is the true Mediterranean, then it is its central part, around Split, that is the heart of the whole of the Mediterranean.


From the apartments you can enjoy the view on the island of Bra?– the tallest island with the peak of Vidova gora (778m). On the right side you can see Pu?iš?a, second-largest town on Bra?. Stone and its carving are a recognizable symbol of the traditional lifestyle of the island of Bra?. In this respect, Pu?iš?a is a most notable town. There are as many as three quarries in its vicinity, part of numerous buildings and sculptures. One such is rumored to be the White House in Washington DC. An ancient tradition of stone carving is continued today by a school where this craft is taught. It is only one of three such schools in Europe, and is notable for the traditional tools and techniques being used and taught, unchanged since the Renaissance period.



Not only crystal clear Adriatic Sea, water has rich in karst area created a special attraction inside the country to Imotski. These are spaced karst Modro Jezero and Crveno Jezero - the Blue and the Red Sea. The Red Sea is a steep Karstdoline with about 200m depth and a cave-like Seeuntergrund. The lake is like the top of a giant large funnel. The blue lake is greater. The steep slopes can be overcome through narrow path. As a reward waiting for you the water with a refreshing dip, because you can swim in the lake.

The Cetina River is the most water-rich waters of Dalmatia, it rises 385m in altitude in the Dinaric mountains and flows into the Mediterranean Sea. The turquoise river bed makes for a fabulously beautiful ambiance. In the 15th and 16 Century, however, the river was plagued by pirates. Do you want to see how pirates at that time put people in fear? A spectacular pirate battle from the 13th Century take place every year after 15 August.

The river Jadro is small and only 4 km long. However, it has a very rich water resources for the surrounding villages and thus supplies the population of Split, Kastela and Trogir with drinking water. In addition, the river is also home to an endangered species of trout.


The Croatian coastline has the largest number of islands and is the most intended in the Mediterranean. The length of the coastline is 1.880 km and, together with the shores of the 1.244 islands, isles, crags and reefs, extends to an amazing 6.278 km. The number of coves, bays, nooks and crannies and secret places along those shores is difficult to comprehend. All are washed by crystal clear seas and boast a wide variety of aspects: from craggy and harsh rock-bound steep slopes swooping down into sea to the wide and gentle areas sunk into lush Mediterranean vegetation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need further assistance,

For a verification of my words, please take a look at pics!

Policies and disclaimers

Dear guests,

to make sure that you will have a pleasant stay and to prevent any misunderstanding, please read the house rules in our home. When you confirm a reservation it is implied that you are familiar and agree with them, and that you will fully adhere to them. Violation of house rules can result in the cancellation of the reservation, and charging the full amount of the price of the accommodation regardless of the shorter stay.

CANCELLATION POLICY: advanced deposit payment is non-refundable.  A reservation is officially canceled when the guests informs the owner of cancellation in a written form via e mail. If the guest arrives and decides to leave early, the nights not spent are not refunded.

On the day of your arrival we kindly ask you to give to the owner your identification documents (passport or ID) for the purpose of registration at the Tourist Board. The documents will be returned to you within 24 hours.

Please note: check in at 2:00pm; check out at 10:00am. Check in and check out time are NOT flexible! On the day of departure the guests have to leave the accommodation the latest at 10:00, in order that we have time to prepare it for the next guests arriving at 14:00 and remove the car from a parking lot. The guests have the obligation to leave the accommodation in the same condition as they found it, tidy and undamaged.

The guests are requested not to disturb the peace of the owners and other guests from 14:00 to 17:00 and from 22:00 to 8:00.

Security deposit: We kindly ask you to leave a security deposit in amount of 200 on your day of arrival. Guests who intentionally or accidentally damage the property, will have to reimburse the owners the full amount of the occurred damage. The deposit will be refund to the guests in its totality on the day of departure only if they leave the accommodation in the same status as they found it and no damages are reported.

We kindly ask you: DO NOT leave the air-conditioning on while you are outside and to close doors and windows while it is in use. When you go out of the accommodation, we kindly ask you to close the parasols (if any in the apartment), switch off the lights and electrical appliances, close the gas and water. It is not allowed to cool down food and drinks by leaving them under running water. It is forbidden to throw waste in the toilets or in any other place not predicted for this purpose like outside the house or in its vicinity

The guests are not allowed to move the furniture or to transport it to another accommodation outside or to the beach (the kitchen chairs to the terrace, cutlery to another accommodation unit, towels or blankets to the beach...)!!

IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN that any person other that the guests stay inside or outside the accommodation. If any other  person that the one declare  at the moment of the reservation are present in the accommodation, the owner have the right to cancel the reservation of all the guests. Guests staying in the accommodation that does not belong to the owners do not have the right to enter in their accommodation without their agreement.

We appreciate if you smoke only outside the apartments and please be aware of the high possibility of fire since the house is surrounded by a pine forest.

DISCARDING WASTE!! We kindly ask you to discard the waste from the apartment in the garbage receptacle on the main street by the sign Maruši?i. Please do not discard wast at the house. In Croatia it is not necessary to recycle/separate waste. Due to high temperatures during summer season, we advise you not to leave garbage in the apartment for longer period of time. Thank you for your cooperation!

From Villa Danica, within walking distance 100m from the house on the main road you will find: a restaurant and a small grocery store offering a basic selection of consumer products. Please note, small grocery store in Maruši?i is closed sundays afternoon and working days after 20:00h. If you are traveling with kids be sure to have basic food and drinks with you. For larger shopping there is a larger grocery store "STUDENAC" in Omiš (13km) with a large free parking place, offering the widest variety of products.

We offer you dear guests more comfort and convinience – a summer beach house, directly at the beach in the natural shade of the pine forest, a comfortable covered terrace that includes a kitchen, shower and barbecue for use exclusively by guests of Villa Danica. The host will provide you the apartment and beach house keys. You are very welcome to drink tap water from river Cetina.

Take with you protection against mosquitoes, especially for babies and kids. Please note: DO NOT open the doors evenings and during the night because mosquitoes will enter into apartment. On the windows, there is a net as a protection, but you´re the one who have to take care that the door is closed. Please follow my instructions and you´ll enjoy your holiday in full.

Kitchens in our apartments are fully equipped (dishwasher and microwave only in apartment Andrija). If you need anything else you can always ask the owner Danica. But if you do have your favorite/impossible to live without pan at home, please bring it with you and make your holiday even tastier!

 It is you, dear guests who are responsible for the cleanness of the apartment. We, as a host, are not required to clean and tidy up, or to take out the garbage during the whole stay of the guest´s stay. We have no obligation to furnish any beach towel, toilet paper, cleaning products and detergent as well as deck chairs. We promise you not to enter in the rented accommodation during your absence, except to stop damages or a danger occurring in the accommodation. In this case we have to inform the guests about it as soon as they come back at the accommodation. If we have any reason to believe that house rules are violated, the guests have to let us enter in the accommodation in order to check the situation.

Please threat the apartment as if it were your own! We kindly ask you not to leave garbage and dameged  beach accessoires  on the beach. Don´t throw bottles and plastic bags in the sea. Turn off the air conditioner, lights and television when leaving the apartment. Keep the environment clean and save the nature, be Eco – friendly.

The owners can put an end to the reservation of the guests who do not respect house rules. In this case the guests will be charged for the entire amount of the reservation, regardless the shorter stay

We would appreciate if you would share your holiday photos with us on our facebook profile: Dalmatia Apartments Danica Maruši?i!

We appreciate your time reading House Rules. It will help us make your holiday unforgettable. Thank you!

We wish you a pleasant stay in Villa Danica

Lijepi pozdrav iz Hrvatske!

Best regards from Croatia!

Alenka with family!

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